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Men's Book Study: New Book

On Saturday, April 22, our Gateway men will begin their plunge into a new book, written just for us Gateway guys. 

Spiritual formation occurs primarily in the context of community. But as the modern cultural norm of what social scientists call "radical American indivi-dualism" extends itself, many Christians grow lax in their relational accountability to the church. Faith threatens to become an "I" not "us," a "my God" not "our God" concern.

When the Church Was a Family calls believers back to the wisdom of the first century, examining the early Christian church from a sociohistorical perspective and applying the findings to the evangelical church in America today. 

With confidence, author Joseph Hellerman writes intentionally to traditional church leaders and emerging church visionaries alike, believing what is detailed here about Jesus' original vision for authentic Christian community will deeply satisfy the relational longings of both audiences.

Join us men as we read this book and discuss it chapter by chapter during our Saturday morning break-fasts. See Enrique Monreal for a copy of the book.