Interview with Gateway's Girl's Youth Leader

So how old are you now, Alexa?

I'm 26, and my brother Jayme is 24. 

How long have you been a part of Gateway?

Alexa and family

As long as I can remember I've been at Gateway - since early childhood. My Uncle Manuel Sanchez came to faith, and he told my whole family about Gateway, so my parents began bringing us here. My Uncle Manuel has a great testimony of someone who changed.

What are you doing now for work or education?

I work for a company called VHA. We are a retailer and distributor for Boost Mobile. My role is in the customer service department. I assist our customers and I’m also part of a new initiative to help certain customers remodel or build their location into premium stores. 

What about your future?

I did have plans to go to law school. I haven’t revisited those plans since I’ve been working but the option is still on the table. As of now my plans are to focus on gaining work experience.

I’m traveling to Mexico twice this year. One time with Gateway in July and the other with my family for a cousin’s wedding in November. I’d love to travel to someplace outside of North America. I have my eye set on New Zealand and Australia.

What about your free time? What do you like to do then?

I love to spend quality time with my family. Time with them feeds my soul, even if it’s just watching TV together. I also love to spend my free time getting inspired. I moved into an apartment recently and I’ve been enjoying going to different types of stores to find art for the walls or decorative pillows. 

What's currently your favorite movie?

Big Hero 6. I love Disney films! 

So looking back on your life, when is it that you came to faith?

     Well, I've attended Church all my life, but I was just going through the motions. It was last summer that I made the decision to take the next step in my faith. Since then, a lot of things have spontaneously come together.  
       Before last summer, the hour I spent at church was the most time out of an entire week that I dedicated to Jesus.  But now I realize that if I want a Christian partner and if I want to show true gratitude for all the blessings I receive, then I need to make that step of commitment myself. 
       After Sue Carr asked me, I joined the greeter's team. I attended last summer's small group at Alejandro's. There were people around me who pointed me in the right way. Then I started Cal Poly in the fall, and I met two girls who invited me to the Christian club on campus. That has really helped me spiritually. It's been less than a year that I've really been a true Christian. My identity now is in Christ, and I want to be who he wants me to be. 

Excerpt from Alexa's Thanksgiving Message

     "I have a confession to make. In the moments when I'm a brat it's hardest to be humble and give thanks to God. Sometimes I don't feel it in my heart. For example, let's say you're downtown and you just finished having a great lunch at the trendiest taco place in all of LA. All of a sudden, right in front of you is your car getting pulled away on a tow truck! You know it's your car because the He is Greater than I decal just waved you goodbye. A $300 bill and a $90 ticket later, how can you say, 'Yes, God, thanks for the food you just blessed me with' and mean it?
       "The truth is you might not always feel it. Fortunately though God always hears our cries. And this year He's been teaching me not to always depend on how I feel but on what I know.
       "I know God is powerful. No matter what is going on in my life, I cannot deny his keeping power. I may not be aware of what God kept me from on the day my car got towed. But I know he keeps me safe when I walk back to my car at night. I know he has kept me from bad relationships and bad people. I also know he's even kept me from opportunities that I thought I was ready for but wasn't. I thank you, Lord."  
The Robinson Family

The Robinson Family