Sharing God's love and healing hearts

        In November 2015 Anita joined the Healing Hearts Across Borders humanitarian group to serve the underprivileged in Tijuana and in Tecate, Mexico.

        The group of volunteers came to run a local medical and dental clinic, as well as distribute food and other items to the families of the surrounding neighborhood. Anita and her husband John have volunteered countless times to assist their son John in this outreach, but this time she had a special encounter:

        "We had a good trip. We are now going to a new additional place in Tecate which is much poorer. So we split our doctors on Saturday. Also, we now have a monthly men's shelter clinic. Everyone is so appreciative. This is our holiday trip so each child got a new toy."

        "The Lord really provides.  We had a very touching experience.  Last year a woman carried in her daughter, crying. She had no money and didn't know what to do. My son checked her and found her appendix ready to rupture. We called the ambulance and she received the care she needed. 
        "So now during this trip her mom brought her to us. She said it was a miracle she lived. Apparently she died. The little girl told me that she saw a bright light. Jesus told her it was not her time and she woke up and saw her mom.
        "She is six years old and says she is going to be a doctor and take care of people for no money because that is what Jesus told her to do. She is beautiful, beyond her years. Her mother is very active in church now because her daughter says they have to help the pastor so he can tell more people about her Jesus. She hugged me and thanked us. I am so blessed to be able to go on these trips..."